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Theatre of Blood

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February 14th, 2019 Theatre of blood has come to Kodai.

Here is some information on how the specific bosses and the theatre itself works. This is the hardest content we've released on the server to date and expect it to take a while before people become efficient in completing the raid. Hardcore ironmen watch out, this is not a safe death.

-Attacks the player closest to her (pray mage if you're tanking). Watch out for the blood on the ground, this will damage you while healing her. She is scaled with 2 Nylocas spawning per player up to a max of 8.
-The bigger red Nylocas that reaches and heals her the more damage she will do. Work together with your team to kill them all.

-Wanders around, if his flies see you before he is asleep they will charge at you and bounce to your teammates.
-Damage him while he is asleep, but be careful as he wakes up. Falling limbs will stun you if they hit you. This boss is notorious for being the fastest team wiper.
-His flies have a little less aggressive range than on OSRS and he only has 1 walking speed instead of 3.

-This room is not scaled at all and very easy with a proper 5man squad. There are 3 kinds of crabs, green for range, white/silver for melee and blue for mage. They can only be damaged with the right combat style. Kill them before they destroy the pillars. When the waves of Nylocas have stopped a giant Nylocas will spawn. He has the same 3 different colours. If you damage him while he is on the wrong combat style the damage will be reflected onto you. Use the same overhead as the style the boss can be damaged with.

-At 66% and 33% health he picks a player to lead the team through a maze. Make sure to wait for your team when leading, communication is key.
-When soloing you will not have to remember his path for the shadow realm. If you're solo you basically get a complete pass on this. His ultimate also only hit 70 if you're by yourself. So if your team dies early, don't give up. It's possible to pull through and carry this room.
-Sotetseg's attacks bounce between players that are within 8 tiles of each other.
-His ultimate is a big red ball that will oneshot its target unless the team groups up and splits the damage among them (be within 1 tile of the targeted player when the attack lands).
-Sotetseg doesn't knock off your prayer or block it for a few seconds like on OSRS when you miss your prayer.

Xarpus: Has 3 phases.
-Phase one he starts off by shielding himself, during this face all you have to do is step on the spots on the ground that heal him. These spots scale to the number of players inside at the same time. There will always be 20 spots in total.
-His 2nd phase he will shoot poison splats at you that will remain on the ground for the rest of the kill. Move 2 tiles away from where you stand when he fires to avoid damage.
-During his 3rd phase, which will be triggered by the boss screeching, you will take around 50hp+ damage per hit you damage him with while he is looking at you. Hit him in the back or side.

Verzik: She has her full 3 phases.
-The first phase is simple, hide behind the pillars, but move before they fall on you.
-2nd phase, pray range and get in a rhythm of hitting her as she bounces to avoid her bounce damage and the range attack she shoots out. She spawns red healer crabs, kill them before they heal her.
-3rd phase. She turns into a giant spider with multiple special attacks. Her special attacks follow a specific order and triggers after every 4th auto. The tank should either step under her or run away as she is about to attack or she will AOE melee damage the team for big numbers. Her melee attack cannot be protected from.
-If your teammates get stuck in her web, call out for your team to kill the web to free you.
-Don't share the same yellow spot on the ground, and either bounces the big green ball between you (4 unique players for it to dsp) or tank the 70 or so damage hit. To bounce it stay within 2 squares of each other.

-Loot will be based on performance (damage and deaths are taken into account).
-We've made precautions to make sure people cannot be "carried" through the raid and still earn loot. You have to participate in the fights.
-If you want to become MVP it is mainly based on your damage divided by deaths. Deaths are devastating when going for MVP.

-We've added a unique spectating feature that is basically the orb of Oculus (just like in the arena). Pressing Esc will put you in the normal form of spectating where you have access to typing.
-If your team wipes there is a chest by the bank where you have to pay to buy your gear back.
-A shop right next to the entrance sells a crystal shard for 300k which is an instant teleport out of the raid. Great for HCIM, but you'll abandon your team if used.
-It is safe for Hardcores to log out (and abandon their raid this way) between bosses.
-There are a few chests throughout the raid (at the end of the bloat, and sotetseg's room where you can spend points to buy brews etc.
-All items purchasable in the chest above will appear instantly to your team when dropped within the raid, as well as the dawnbringer for Verzik.
-Zuk should no longer hit after death
-Fixed white 2h animations
-Fixed Magic attack distance to 10 (was previously 8)
-Fixed Kodai wand not giving proper magic damage increase in PvM
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