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Official Rules for Kodai

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Kodai Rules

In this thread, you will find the rules of Kodai. It is expected of the players to follow all of the rules, all of the time. Breaking these rules will subject your account to punishment determined by our staff team, depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken. This applies across the Client, Forum & Discord. All players will be treated equally to one-another by our staff team.

The Strike system X-X-X.
(t1) If a player reaches 3 strikes in total on any of your accounts you will be UID banned for 7-days. After the ban is up your strike count will be reduced to 1 (t2). If the player reaches 3 strikes again, they will face a 14-day UID ban. When the punishment is up your strike count will be reduced to 2 out of 3 (t3). (t4)If you receive another strike you will receive a 30-day UID ban. If you even after that ban you still manage to earn yourself a strike you will be permanently banned on sight (t5).

When you start off playing you are at stage 1 also known as (t1) or tier 1. Here you will remain until your first 7-day uid ban.
When your strikes then are reset to 1 out of 3 you have entered (t2). The next tier, (t3) is after a 14-day UID ban, when your strike count is reset to 2/3.
After a 30-day UID ban while you live on your last warning you are in (t4). One more strike after that and you've reached (t5). If you are (t5) you will be premanently removed from anywhere within the community.

In-Game Rules
  1. Bug abuse - Bugs should be reported via the Forum/Discord and if appropriate to online staff members depending on the severity of the bug. Those found abusing bugs for personal gain will be issued a strike and/or a ban.
    If a player is found abusing a bug instead of reporting it on discord or to staff and leaving it, there is a high probability of strict bans. We do appreciate players who cooperate if you find a game breaking bug and report it to administrators without abusing it or spreading it around you will not be punished. If you find a bug and show other players how to do it and they abuse it you run the risk of being fully punished yourself. Aiding in bug abuse even at the lowest possible points can result in the most strict punishments.

  2. Harassing/threatening others - Players are expected not to harass/threaten other players, if found continuously harassing/threatening players after being given a warning, your account will be muted. The mute will be at the discretion of the staff member. Switching accounts to avoid the mute will result in an IP mute for the length of the mute. This will also permit a strike against your account.
    If this is taken too far it is possible UID punishments will have to be included.

  3. Advertising - All forms of advertising are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on Kodai. This includes enticing players to check out another server. Mentioning that you have played a server is NOT advertising, but you may be asked to stop by a staff member if you are repeatedly doing do. Advertising will result in a UID ban.

  4. Impersonation of staff - Impersonating a member of our staff team will result in a warning, followed by a strike and/or ban depending on the severity of the situation. You can check what staff members are online by doing ::staff.

  5. Scamming - Scamming of any sort is against the rules. Depending on the situation this may constitute a strike and/or a ban on your account. Those reporting scamming will need evidence to substantiate their claims. You should only trust staff members for middle-manning. We are not responsible for you getting scammed at the Duel Arena if you decide to stake items instead of cash or platinum tokens. If you're going to stake items please use a trusted middle man as staff will not be responsible for you losing items when not using a trusted middle man.
    We do not guarantee for any items lost to scams or hacks. Though we will attempt to help you, in any case, The only time we 100% guarantee a refund is if you're scammed by a staff member.

  6. Macroing/Botting - Macroing and botting are both against our rules. participating in either will result in progressive punishments depending on how many times you are caught. First-time offenders can expect a 3-day ban and a strike on their account. Auto-talking using the in-game feature is not considered macroing. (although it may be considered spamming if you are repeatedly using it) *This includes auto-clicking.
    If you bot it is very likely we will reset the skill you were botting or if you were botting/macroing to earn gold it is possible we wipe your bank.

  7. Real-World Trading - Any and all forms of Real-World Trading are strictly forbidden. Any players found participating in rwt past or present will have the items removed and will be UID banned and have all their related accounts banned right then and there.

  8. Offensive/inappropriate Language/flaming - Whilst we understand players often mess around and insults are thrown, anything deemed to be uncalled for/of a serious nature will likely result in a warning with the potential for mutes if the warnings are ignored. Staff members reserve the right to decide what is considered inappropriate.

  9. Evading punishments - Creating new accounts to bypass restrictions placed on other accounts will result in IP mutes/bans. In extreme cases, players may be UID muted/banned if IP mutes/bans are ineffective.

  10. Inappropriate names - Creating an account with an offensive or racially sensitive name will result in you being asked to create a new account with a respectable name. Failure to reply/do so when asked by staff will result in the account with the offensive name being banned and your stats/progress being lost.

  11. Hacking/social engineering - hacking/social engineering is strictly forbidden on Kodai. Anybody found to have participated/facilitated in the hacking/social engineering of an account will be banned.

  12. Staff disrespect - Disrespecting a staff member or their decision is forbidden, doing so may result in a mute / strike on your account. Staff members are players too and should not be subjected to any abuse because of their position. If you have a grievance with a staff member or would like to submit a report on a particular staff member or their actions you can do so by contacting Soap. Staff decisions on all punishments are final unless upturned by an admin.
    This does not mean you cannot question staff, this just means if you have any issues with a member of staffs decision message an administrator (Soap) or CM and the case will be looked into. If you feel your ban is unjust, you can also appeal it without having to go looking for admins.

  13. Help Clan Chat - Being placed in the "Help" Clan Chat is a privilege given to players to be able to interact with others on a positive note. If you are found to be repeatedly insulting others, flaming, bashing, or harassing others, in any shape or form, you will be asked to stop. Complaining about dying in the wilderness or cussing / flaming PKers is also not tolerated. Luring in any shape or form is not tolerated and will result in a kick. If you choose to continue said behavior, you will either be kicked or banned from the "Help" Clan Chat. Staff members are not expected to hesitate when dealing with offending users

  14. Account Sharing - Account sharing is allowed on Kodai, however, if you lend your account to someone, and they get banned or steal your bank that is entirely your own fault. As the owner of the account, you have the responsibility for that account.
    Note that account sharing is at your own risk. The main reason we say this is because it can frankly be very difficult to prove who the owner of an account is. Protect yourself and add all possible security to your account through forums.

  15. Referral abuse - Spamming your referral code in the clan chat when a player joins or messaging any player that was not directly referred to the server by you or directly asked you for your code is against the rules. We will no longer tolerate the abuse of the referral system which was intended to incite players to invite friends for a reward not constantly spamming a code whenever a new player joins. If a player asks in the general clan chat for a referral code the only exception is staff members referring players to the following code when explicitly asked about; 7058670 which is the code for the 'Help cc' account which currently does not hold any items in-game and is managed by the staff team.

    We reserve the right to include further rules not currently listed here.
    Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rules not listed here. Most often staff judgment is used to determine whether a "rule" has been broken, if you feel like the staff member has acted unjustly you can contact soap/toez to instigate a review. In no way will shouting in discord, sending hateful/offensive messages or threatening staff members help resolve or have a punishment overturned.

    Special thanks to Toez for helping create the in-game rules. :geek:
Any staff that is not an administrator is under no circumstances allowed to edit this thread. By editing this thread without permission you will guarantee yourself an instant demotion and punishment.
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"Help" clan chat:
The Help clan chat is meant for players to get help. You are allowed to have conversations/discussions there, but only in English. The staff team speaks English and is unable to moderate other languages.
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Staff rules - doesn't apply to regular players. Rules for regular players can be found in this main thread.

Staff is held to a higher standard than normal players due to their responsibilities and powers they are given.
Not everything is covered for staff rules, most cases that cause for demotion are in my eyes extremely obvious.

1. Account sharing. For regular players, account sharing is explained above. Sharing your staff account with anyone is like a policeman sharing his gun and badge. It will cause an instant demotion. HOWEVER, if a staff account has been compromised against your will there obviously will be no punishment for the staff member. You should never be afraid of asking Admins for any help in this regard.
Punishments can vary depending on if it resulted in potential abuse of staff powers. We take a risk when we pick a new staff member, we pick the person we think fits the position, not their friends or family.

2. Abuse - Teleporting players to troll or annoy them. Like most rules for Staff, this should go without saying. Usually, we urge staff to ask players if it is okay for them to teleport a person before doing so.
-> 2.1 Luring - Any sort of lure from a staff account is strictly prohibited. We don't want players to be afraid to follow the guidance of the staff team.

I will continue updating this thread as cases arise or if anyone has any concerns.
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