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Donator credits - a guide


Feb 18, 2019
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This guides purpose is to help you guys understand how donator ranks and donator credits work on this new website.

To get donator rank, spend credits on anything in the donator store and you will rank up automatically with one exception (see below).
If you want to see the donator benefits go to this page:

Whenever you want to claim any purchase made on the website, log into the game with the same name as your website name (it will be the same login details). Head to the south side of the bank and speak to Crunchy (Donator Store):

If you buy 100$ worth of credits and they appear on your web-store you won't be a donator in-game. To claim your donator rank in-game you have to spend your credits on anything in the donator store. There is however one exception, if you spend your web-credits on in-game credits (that can be traded to other players and use them on iron men) you won't receive a rank for cashing out in in-game credits.

Donator credits can be moved between your in-game and web account with ease.
How to get in-game credits added to your web-balance:

If you want to sell or buy donator rank all you have to do now is have the seller cash out in donator credits, trade them between you like any other normal item and have the buyer talk to Crunchy like in the GIF above.

If you want to give donator credits to iron men, but obviously can't trade them. Don't worry, you can just use your credits on them as shown:
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