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[8/28/2019] Total Spent + New Perks

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Players can now increase their total spent by purchasing off the online store, You will gain 3x the normal amount for purchasing items and the amount will go directly towards your next donator rank. Example; For $20 worth of tokens you will get your amount donated in game increased by $60 getting you closer to the next donator tier.
    • You can view this in the Total Spent section on the store
  • New Perks have been added to the online store and all perks in general have been lowered to $5 each.
  • New Perks:
    • Blacksmith - A 25% chance of keeping a bar whenever smithing something.
    • Angel - A 10% chance at getting double experience for each bone used at an altar.
    • Trapper - All pray have a higher chance of being lured into your traps.
    • Cannonball Master - Make cannonballs 1 game tick faster
  • The assign slayer task option on Slayer masters will now prompt you to cancel your current task in favor of a new one if you already have a Slayer task
  • Enchanted gem now gives useful information about your task & Slayer masters. The gem has been added to the starter kit
  • Fixed Relleka bridge obstacles not working
  • Fixed Warriors guild clue scroll not telling you you've received a new clue
  • Fixed Blue dragons not using dragonfire
  • Keep Crystal key (10% chance of keeping Crystal key) has been added to Adovcate+ rank
  • Choose Slayer task has been added to Sponsor and updated for Master rank (10% chance for Sponsor and 25% for Master)
  • NPC drops are now filterable using the chat filter
  • Supporting pillar in Nylocas room can no longer be damaged by players
  • Added preemptive measures to stop items from being lost in Chambers of Xeric
  • Referral count can now be shown by using ::myreferral
  • Wyverns now use elemental dragonfire which can be blocked with an elemental shield as well as a dragonfire shield
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't attack npcs with a Leaf-bladed battleaxe
  • Demonic gorillas now have a kill counter
  • ::dz2 will now tell you the remaining amount donated before usability
  • Removed duradel from Taverly dungeon
  • Added Ice Warrior & Ice Giant spawns in Ice Dungeon
  • Added more Bears in the Wilderness
  • Added potential fixes to stop inventory not updating properly
  • Fixed Assembler max cape giving normal max cape teleports
  • Fixed Clue caskets opening twice when clicking once
  • Fixed bug where relogging in a raid would leave the map blank
  • Fixed Player Referral system not working properly
  • Tutorial now asks players if they wish to be an ironman
  • Fixed BGS & Arclight spec not draining stats properly
  • Magic shortbow spec should now land both hits on the same game tick
  • Fixed Sulphur lizard task not requiring 44 Slayer
  • Added noted impling jars to hunter shop
  • Added yell color to Master rank
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Feb 18, 2019
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Lots of good fixes :)
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