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[7/29/20] Thieving Event Changes + Molly Changes + New Poll

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • The Thieving event will no longer spawn in the Wilderness and will no longer hit players for more than 10% of a players maximum hitpoints. Rewards have been revamped
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  • When shops reset items from Molly & Molly 2 now go to the Grand Exchange if they have over 1,000 coin shop value
  • Added monkey backpacks to vote shop
  • Platinum token exchange has been added and can be used by using Coins or Platinum tokens on a bank booth
  • Fixed Enchanted gem not telling you where to kill your task with Konar
  • Added new in-game poll, Please vote to decide the future development of the server
  • Ending obstacle on varrock & priffdinas agility course now give 50% bonus xp while Agility event is active
  • Nightmare uniques have drop rates lowered
  • Added Decorative legs to vote shop
  • Hespori seed from farming will now add to collection log
  • Golden nuggets are a bit more common from Motherlode mine
  • Red dragons & all baby dragons should now count towards dragon enhancing weapons
  • Rare drops etc will now announce if its global
  • Black d'hide will now be noted if you have the correct donator status
  • Fixed strong swimmer perk for Devotees
  • Should no longer be able to logout to smuggle dawnbringer
  • Optimized dynamic region destruction so raids should no longer cause server wide lag
  • Added $500 slayer perk for superiors as stated on the website
  • Fixed kraken task not working with konar
  • Fixed Arclight bonus for demons will now work against Greater Abyssal demons
  • Shamans will no longer damage you after they die mid-jump
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