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[7/12/20] New Teleport Interface + TOB Event + QOL Changes

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Added Theatre of Blood event which makes drop rate 1-4 instead of 1-7
  • Changed spawn rate of Nylocas Matomenos so they shouldn't spawn as often anymore
  • Fixed players not getting damaged properly in Wintertodt based on hp level
  • Wintertodt woodcutting will no longer deplete the vine you're chopping
  • Fixed Konar tasks now counting when killing an NPC in an Instance
  • Twisted horns now tradable
  • Added basic vote leaderboard & tracking which can be accessed via the vote npc
  • Removed Woodcutting guild and fishing guild from misc teleports to allow room for west ardougne teleport (Can be accessed via Skilling -> Woodcutting)
  • Thieving room in raids now has a 1-5 chance to get double grubs
  • Karambwans can now be cooked by the Head chef at the cooking guild
  • Infernal pickaxe should now work properly on ores that require coal
  • The amount of logs you get from Trees in Ice demon room is now based on your woodcutting level
  • Can no longer drop items in a raid before the raid is started
  • Added Lockpick perk which gives you the ability to thieve things without a lockpick (Or in raids case the chance boost of a lockpick in inv)
  • Chance of Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing clue scrolls has been significantly changed making them more common,
  • Gold ore chance from Motherlode mine has been increased,
  • Changed the tick cycles for runecrafting, making the xp drop come faster, instead of 3 ticks later,
  • Scythe of Vitur will now work for slashing spider webs
  • Added 5 second delay between entering/exiting a raid
  • Tzhaar city is now multicombat
  • Nightmare now has a kill timer
  • Pets should now announce killcount when dropped from an NPC
  • Chambers of Xeric now has a completion count when getting a unique
  • Skotizo should now count towards greater demon tasks
  • Should now be able to left click ranges to cook raw food
  • Fixed max hit for granite maul special attack
  • Added magic bonus to twisted ancestral items
  • Runite ore and Amethyst respawn timers have been shortened
  • Fixed Kalphite Queen dropping 1 snapdragon
  • Fixed wingman not hitting in Armadyl boss room
  • Added icon to drop messages
  • Fixed magic axe hut door breaking
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