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[6/9/20] Forthos Dungeon + Hespori + More

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Forthos dungeon has been added and can be accessed via the Dungeons teleport v2 menu
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    • 698
    • Sarachnis has been added and is now a completionist cape requirement requiring 250 kills for the cape
    • Sarachnis should function the same as oldschool and is a fairly simple boss fight for any mid level gear
  • Hespori has been added and will take 12 hours to grow, Teleport to the farming guild to enter (Hespori seeds are needed)
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    • Hespori has also been added as a completionist cape requirement requiring 10 kills for the cape
  • Enhanced tier 3 keys have been added and will remove all of the non rare & very rare drops from chest loot tables below is an example:
    • Before:
    • 700
    • After:
    • 701
    • Enhanced keys can be obtained via npc drops the same as t3 keys or by using 5 t3 keys on each other in your inventory to create an enhanced t3 key, They can also be purchased in the online shop
  • Fixed pet priority option not lowering the option on pets
  • Removed Corp event drop rate modifier as it was just too op with multiple drops per kill
  • Corporeal beast damage threshold increased to 350 damage on event for drop
  • Can no longer use Cannons at Corp during the event
  • Added Red dragon task to Nieve & Konar
  • Added Sarachnis task to Mazchna
  • Added Undead druids
  • Added Temple spiders
  • Added Red dragon forthos dungeon obstacle (75 Agility)
  • Chambers of Xeric map generation has been modified to hopefully help with performance
  • Added UID checks to stop blood money & emblem farming
  • Fixed bug where you could continue attacking an npc when you are standing in an invalid position
  • Bottomless bucket has been added + using it on a patch will increase the yield over Super Compost
  • You can now buy Hespori seeds with skilling points, (there is a random chance of getting them when doing farming runs)
  • Kraken has been updated to our new instance system
  • Strong swimmer's perk has been fixed
  • Tekton will now set a player's vengeance off
  • Vasa's teleport special's max hit has been increased and is now like OSRS (If only one player is stunned, then the damage is their current HP -5. This damage is then divided by the number of players who take the hit)
  • When using the Pool of Rejuvination, a timer will appear to tell you when you can use it again
  • Fixed amethyst bolt making level requirement
  • You can now boost for agility with summer pies for obstacles and agility courses
  • Dragon hunter lance and crossbow will now work against wyrms and drakes
  • Fixed Sanguinesti Staff not changing to the correct attack styles
  • Uncharged Toxic trident (e) is now tradable
  • Can now autocast crumble undead with the slayer staff
  • A fix for super antifire making when you have an antifire of 4 doses
  • Removed the tier 3 key from Unsired drop table, so now it matches OSRS item table
  • Added the tier 3 to a special drop table for Abyssal sire, (so theoretically you could get an unsired + tier 3 key)
  • Instanced Dagannoth room has been added, changed our room system a little bit to support it
  • Added a fix for alching charged items (when you alch them and try to charge an uncharged version of it, it would say you already owned a charged version)
  • Lowered the drop rate for an Abyssal orphan
  • Fixed Odium and Malediction shard 3 not being added to the Collection log
  • Fixed the requirement for a granite longsword requirement of 50 attack 50 strength (was 70 for some reason)
  • Fixed an issue with Nightmare staffs and the orb versioned of them, was not able to dismantle
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to toggle the absorption effect on Bracelet of Etherum when it was in your inventory
  • Fixed withdraw all option in Theatre of blood
  • Fixed a bug where you could gain infinite magic experience with any staff that could autocast
  • Fixed multiple gold dupes with shop prices being inaccurate
  • Fixed Volatile nightmare staff spec consumption
  • Fixed Ring of life giving invincibility in certain cases
  • Fixed Rune defender (t) not counting towards you receiving a Dragon defender
  • Should no longer be frozen after Vorkath dies
  • PK Bots should no longer be venomed
  • Removed the <u=####> in the teleport panel
  • Added custom pets for Travis & Xan
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