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[6/15/20] Kodai Day + Loot Viewer + Raid Challenges

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Feb 9, 2019
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Wanna start off by saying thank you for playing Kodai,Myself and the staff team will continue to do our best to make Kodai the best RSPS. Thanks for 2 great years and heres for many to come!🎉

  • Double experience is currently active and will be for the remainder of June 15th.
  • Credits are currently 25% off on the website for the remainder of June 15th.
  • Added Loot viewer which can be accessed via ::npctable or clicking loot viewer in the quest tab. Can be used to lookup npc names to view tables.
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  • Added Challenge mode raids which can be done by right clicking and entering a raid with the Challenge mode option. NPCS found inside the challenge mode will have more hp & increased bonuses from normal modes.
    • Challenge mode raids are timed as the following:
      • Players:Time required:
        1 player45 minutes
        2 players44 minutes
        3 players43 minutes
        4-7 players40 minutes
        8-11 players38 minutes
        11+ players30 minutes
    • If you complete the challenge you will have a 1-50 chance of receiving a Twisted ancestral ornament kit or Twisted horns which can be used to make the Twisted slayer helmet
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    • If you don't complete the challenge you will be rewarded per usual with the default drop table.
    • Leaderboards can be found outside of the entrance on the scoreboard.
  • Muttadile & tekton now both drop the proper potions
  • Hopefully fixed bug with muttadile where he would get stuck at the tree
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't buy extra completionist cape from Duffy
  • Added proper accuracy boost to Twisted bow
  • Added command to adjusts Corps hp on the fly
  • Fixed ring of life teleporting you when it shouldn't
  • Can now autocast ancients with Eldritch & Volatile nightmare staves
  • Added a timer to ::claimbooster to know when you can re-claim for Master ranks.
  • Black smith perk now works with cannonballs
  • Strong swimmer perk should now increase yields
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