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[4/24/20] Agility Event & QOL Updates

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-Added a new agility event for both Prifddinas and Varrock Agility Course.
-Added black graceful & Prifddinas Agility course (teleport has also been added in Agility panel)
-Abyssal sire will no longer spawn poison spawns on Abyssal Sire first and second phase
-Fixed Trident and other special staves that had their own spell not working when you were below the level requirement (Brewed down for example),
-Zuriel staff now autocasts ancients,
-Changed the amount of seeds in the seed shop,
-Changed Kree'Arra and minions max hit and bonuses,
-Lowered the drop rate for Chinchompa pet,
-Lowered the drop rate for Herbi pet,
-Changed the cloth drop on hollow trees from 1/20 to 1/10 ,
-Adamant & Rune dragons have a lower distance for their melee attack,
-Bloats falling hands will now stun you for 5 game ticks instead of 8,
-Seed box will no longer lose its seeds when you die and it was in the bank,
-Fixed a seed box bug when trying to put seeds that you already have in your seed box.
-Fixed a bug when searching bird nests, it would say that you need 1 inventory slot to search it.
-Removed dragon chest from Unsired drop table & Tier 3 Key drop chance was increased.
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