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[4/14/20] Tons of Misc. Fixes/Changes

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Fixed issue where you could walk out of the view distance of an npc to avoid damage
  • Added Crystal exchange shop to sell Crystal seed & Crystal tool seed talk to Amrod right outside the Armour shop
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  • Can now use potions on Bob barter to decant into whichever dose you decide similiar to this image(Must physically use the item on him to get the option);
  • Tzkal-Zuk now has a timer to see how fast players can kill him
  • Doubled the area of the hunter event & number of chins that can spawn
  • Can no longer upgrade emblems by killing the same person repeatedly
  • Added priceguide command for quick access
  • Zalcano world event added
  • Tome of fire has been redone, making it store burnt pages & counting as fire runes & using charges when using fire spells (bonus ofcourse works aswell)
  • Undead spell will now work against Revenants, Ankous, Abberant spectres, Crawling hands and Banshees
  • Falling crystals will now have a shadow underneath, where it is going to land
  • Added time left on current world event on ::info
  • Basilisk sentinel now drops 3 hearts
  • 3rd age pickaxe spec now works
  • Dragon hunting weapons should now work against Wyrms
  • Added Saradomin's light to Commander Zilyana drop table
  • Added Amelia's seed shop to Farming guild
  • Dagannoth's in catacombs are now aggressive
  • Kurasks are now aggressive
  • Fixed Grand exchange search command lagging server
  • Added tons of economy related commands to find potential dupes or gamebreaking bugs
  • Fixed ballista & karil c'bow not being able to use aggressive or defensive combat styles
  • Added Dagannoth to Nieve slayer tasks
  • Added dagannoth's below the lighthouse
We will have some RuneLite changes being pushed in the next day or two. Remi has been working on the RuneLite related things and will post more on this thread when I have the full run down.


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