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[2/12/20] Scylla + TON of fixes / QOL

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Added Scylla a new Barrows boss that attacks with all 6 armour sets from Barrows & Drops a new BIS Range gloves the Tenacious gloves. To access the boss you must complete a barrows chest and you will have a 25% chance at receiving dialogue to enter Scylla's resting place
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  • Weapon style remembering has been added and will now properly remember the attack styles you prefer to use
  • The following items have been added to the collection log; All shared clue scroll rewards, Giant Boot, Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit, Ancient Plateskirt, Golden Chef's Hat, Golden Apron, Black Plateskirt (g), A Powdered Wig, Black Pickaxe, Crawling hand, Seercul, Void mace, probably some more im missing
  • Added examine to chewed bones to notify of usage
  • Fixed bandit spawns in wilderness
  • Changed Unsired rate to 1-75 per request
  • Added seercul to Dagganoth supreme
  • Added prices to shared clue rewards
  • Added Farm freak perk which allows you to harvest patches 1 game tick faster
  • Added Herb freak perk which allows you to make potions 1 game tick faster
  • Added Miner perk which gives you an invisible +10 boost to your mining level
  • Added Crystal key pack to online store
  • Added Shared reward clue scroll table
  • Fixed typo in Completionist cape dialogue
  • Added Void mace to Pest control reward store
  • Ancient items from Revenants are now a 100% drop on death
  • Pets should now follow you if you go up/down stairs/ladders
  • Bonecrusher necklace now works with ensouled heads
  • Can now clear any farming patch by using a spade on it
  • Fixed bug with ring of life in wilderness
  • Fixed chat decoding/encoding not working properly, Not showing certain characters properly and messages not sending if over a certain length
  • Fixed brimstone chest items not counting towards collection log
  • Possible fix for claiming pets - Overheads can now be used in 1v1 arena matches
  • Fixed experience for adding kindling to brazier in Wintertodt
  • Fixed gmaul spec not allowing you to attack with a different item right after switching
  • Fixed enemies not auto retaliating if you barrage them in multi
  • Fixed Vengeance proccing 1 tick late
  • Fixed Shadow barrage not stunning Abyssal sire 100% of the time
  • Fixed spam messages when attacking with an incorrect attack style
  • Fixed attacking from long distance with gmaul
  • Fixed typo on DFS absorption messages
  • Fixed quick prayer not properly turning off when prayers are disabled by an NPC
  • Fixed Drakes attacking you while in combat
  • Fixed Abyssal Sire bug where you would be stuck in a teleport animation
  • Fixed Abyssal Sire bug where he would get stuck and be unattackable
  • Fixed smithing stopping when you still have bars left
  • Added commands for staff members to use to host events
  • Fixed enchanted slayer gem not able to be used
There is probably more that I forgot so i'll update this if i find more
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