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Hydra, client upgrade & Konar slayer



March 19, 2019 - Hydra, client upgrade & Konar slayer has come to the live server.
Hydra can be found under boss teleports and Kebos lowlands under dungeon teleports. To kill the alchemical hydra you need a slayer lvl of 95 and a hydra slayer task.
The client upgrade involves changes such as:
  • Spellbook filtering
  • New Bank options
  • New Duel Arena interface ( We're using 0% tax )
  • Kebos lowlands
  • Collection log ( Future update )
  • Upgraded RuneLite with plugins like GPU, Bank tags, Proper skill calculator for server's XP rate, Chat history
  • And tons of other Miscellaneous items/map changes.

  • Karuulm Slayer dungeon has been added and can be visited by using the Dungeons teleport to Kebos lowlands. Furthermore with the addition of the Slayer dungeon we've added a new Slayer NPC 'Konar' which assigns you tasks with locations to kill the NPC, Furthermore while using this Slayer master you'll have a chance at receiving a Brimstone key based on the combat level of the NPC you're killing. The Brimstone key can be used on the object next to the Slayer Master. You will need to purchase Boots of stone or wear Granite boots when entering the cave or you will take 4 damage every game tick.
  • Alchemical Hydra has been released and requires 95 Slayer and to be on a Hydra task to kill the boss. All 4 phases should be working correctly and should be a nice addition to the server with all the new items it brings into the game. If you die inside Hydra you can re-claim your items at Orrvor quo Maten outside of Hydra's lair.
  • Duel Arena has been re-worked and now uses the newer OSRS style interface but with 0% tax. Players can no longer stake items and only cash/platinum tokens.
  • Dragon sword and Dragon harpoon has been removed from the Chambers of Xeric drop table and moved to the drops of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
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