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[8/8/21] The Gauntlet


Feb 9, 2019
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  • The Gauntlet has been added and can be accessed by using minigame teleports on the wizard
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    • Players can enter the gauntlet by using the object directly to the north
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    • Once you enter you will have 10 minutes to explore and gather supplies to fight the Crystalline Hunllef, A 10 minute timer will appear in the top left of your screen keeping you notified of your remaining time. Inside the Gauntlet you will find various resources you can gather by using fishing, cooking, woodcutting, herblore, mining to create weapons, potions, food as well as various monsters that have drops that can help you advance.
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    • Once you are fully prepared you can wait till the 10 minutes are up or use the entrance to the Hunllef to begin the final boss fight!
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    • Once you complete the Gauntlet you'll be spawned outside and be able to open the Reward chest to try your luck and see what items await you.
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  • Other game changes:
    • Godwars minions will now only respawn after the boss respawns meaning you no longer need to kill all the minions for the boss to respawn
    • Crystal armour is now craftable by using Crystal shards on a crystal armour seed
    • Bow of faerdhinen is now craftable by using Crystal shards on a Enhanced crystal weapon seed which can be obtained by doing Gauntlet
    • Completionist cape has been updated and now requires 100 Gauntlet completions
    • Fixed bug where you could click spec bar on non-spec weapons to get max hit boost
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't charge a bracelet of ethereum
    • Fixed alch value on Tenacious gloves, Crwy's chronicle, Crystal staff
    • Gwd npcs now spawn 50% faster inside of instances
    • Possible fix for Pest Control crashing mobile players
    • Possible fix for Nightmare crashing mobile players
    • Fixed bug where you could get grubby key as 1-1 drop rate
    • Fixed level threshold for axe's
    • Avatar has been added to boss Slayer
    • Zalcano will drop more crystal shards
    • Fixed Fountain of Heroes & Fountain of Rune not charging glories
    • Fixed smuggling Dawnbringer


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