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    Official Rules for Kodai

    Staff rules - doesn't apply to regular players. Rules for regular players can be found in this main thread. Staff is held to a higher standard than normal players due to their responsibilities and powers they are given. Not everything is covered for staff rules, most cases that cause for...
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    Emote clue scroll items

    Holy, this must of taken forever to make.
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    It is up. If client isn't loading, re-download the client

    It is up. If client isn't loading, re-download the client
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    [2/12/20] Scylla + TON of fixes / QOL

    If anyone is curious about the specific mechanics of the new custom Scylla boss the specifics can be found here under "Custom content":
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    Kodai's Custom items, content and areas

    Galvek whip does not degrade if it did it would be stated. Zenytes cannot be cut to make bolt tips. I don't think you can get it/them from outside of NPC droptables as far as I can recall. When I get time I can update the thread with the current tables of the chests. Though I thought that was...
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    [8/28/2019] Total Spent + New Perks

    Lots of good fixes :)
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    [8/15/19] Blood money shop + Perks + Macro Detection

    Great work friend
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    Kodai's Custom items, content and areas

    Thank you! It took me a minute to gather everything, but I figured this would be essential for new players to follow what's going on.
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    Kodai's Custom items, content and areas

    That's true, I'll add those in as well! Let me know if you see anything else I've missed.
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    Kodai's Custom items, content and areas

    Kodai Customs Here on Kodai, we have a lot of what we like to call "OSRS-Based" custom content. It is "customs" that we ourselves imagine is believable OSRS could have added themselves or additions that seem healthy for the game. The purpose of this thread is for players to get an overview...
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    Donator credits - a guide

    150 credits is 1$ (you get more from buying big bulks though)
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    The website re-work.

    Haha, I will pass that on to Coors who put up our WordPress website, it did look good but was very limited functionality wize. Great to see you on here!
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    Official Rules for Kodai

    "Help" clan chat: The Help clan chat is meant for players to get help. You are allowed to have conversations/discussions there, but only in English. The staff team speaks English and is unable to moderate other languages.
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    Golden Guides, how does it work?

    Welcome to Golden Guides. This is where the best guide for each category (above a certain standard) gets selected to be featured in this section. The point of golden guides is for people to easily find very high-quality guides that are fully up-to-date and have been made with a lot of effort...
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    The website re-work.

    The new Kodai website is finally live. With this new website, voting has been added and we've changed how the donator store works. We've moved from USD to credits and I hope you guys appreciate the new system. Everything on how both voting and the new credits work can be found under the...