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    [8/8/21] The Gauntlet

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    [10/25/20] Happy Halloween!

    Hell yes
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    [9/15/20] Darkmeyer + Completionist Progress Interface

    This is hot. :love:
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    2 Year Anniversary Events

    Big thanks to the Kodai team and staff. Ya'll are the best and hope for more great things to come from the server. :)(y)
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    [4/24/20] Agility Event & QOL Updates

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    Barrows Chest Glitch

    It has been a known bug for as long as I can remember. It's hard to recreate it. That being said, it's hard to fix because they cannot find the events that create the bug in the first place. :unsure:
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    [3/16/20] Nightmare has arrived!

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    Updates for 25/12/19

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    Updates for 25/11/2019