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    2 Year Anniversary Events

    What even is that^
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    [10/25/20] Happy Halloween!

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO niccccce
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    Can't login

    Very strange issue. Are you 100% sorted now?.
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    Can't login

    @Konpeki Come into the discord for faster support. Make sure you're typing in your username and password correctly. If not try and make a new account (You do not need to have an email linked to your account) So it's very easy to make a new account. Just type in the Username and password you...
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    [9/1/20] Lord Piquan Crwys + Crystal Staff + Crwys Chronicle

    Meant it in a good way. I'll be in soon to check it out.
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    [8/10/20] Misc Bug Fixes + Combination Runes

    Quality of Life Improved Thank you!
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    [7/12/20] New Teleport Interface + TOB Event + QOL Changes

    Nice update :) Tzhar being Multi will be bliss!
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    2 Year Anniversary Events

    Will all these awards be available for Ironmen! Also thank you for the update on this